This past weekend a group of friends and I headed to a state park for a weekend of camping. The weather report was pretty clear but during the night we had some snow flurries and 30-degree weather. Typical Chicago.

In the morning it was difficult to wake up due to the cold. But then I remembered that I had brought a new product to try out.

Sudden Coffee sent me two viles of their instant coffee. What a perfect thing to bring on a camping trip! My buddy Jake was already out by the fire heating up the water pot.

Due to the cold weather conditions, we had to leave our campsite right before breakfast to get some warmer clothes and blankets. Thankfully I had these Sudden Coffee capsules to create instant coffee before we left.


Here are my thoughts on Sudden Coffee:
– If you are wanting coffee instantly without the nasty “Folgers Taste,” I recommend you check Sudden out.
– These capsules are pretty easy to store and do not take up much room in your traveling kit.
– Although I don’t think the coffee tastes like specialty grade coffee (this could’ve been due to the quality and temperature of the water but I wanted to try it in a real-world experience), it’s a great help when you don’t have the luxury of a grinder and a pour over brewer.

Check them out at

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