What is the CSB?

The CSB, which stands for Christian Standard Bible, is a decent translation. I am going to start using it as another reference while sermon prepping, but it will not be my primary translation.

CSB Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible, Black Premium Goatskin, Black Letter Edition


What I like:

Out of all the Bibles that I have seen of the CSB version, this is the nicest. The leather is said to be goatskin, but it seems to be more of a top grain leather. It does feel nice in your hands and because of the sewn binding, it lays flat when opened. I do like the red stitching along the edges.

What I don’t like:

I am not a huge fan of the typesetting and layout of this Bible. It almost looks like the font and layout that you would see in a teen study Bible. It is a double column layout with references in the middle. I know, I know… having the references in the middle has been a common layout, but for me when the references are in the middle it just throws me off as I read.


Overall, this would be a nice Bible to have as an extra reference. Since it lays flat you will not have to use paper weights as you’re studying.

You can purchase it through B&H Publishing or through Amazon.


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